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9th May
written by ReedenWright

Voice is a new imprint of books for women at the center of life—fiction and nonfiction for smart, educated, busy, curious, seasoned women for whom reading is a passion. Women who want to read to figure out what they want next. An imprint by and for women—as women see themselves.  Senior Vice President and Publisher of Voice and Hyperion, Ellen Archer oversees all the editorial, marketing, sales, publicity, production, and art functions for the imprints.

Archer wanted a new imprint that would publish a dozen books a year, focusing on a broad variety of fiction and nonfiction tailored to women in their mid-thirties and older. These books would address all of the different voices in women’s lives—not just romance, not just work, not just family, not just work-family balance—but all of the many rich, subtle, and not-so-subtle experiences that women have during the course of their lives.

The first title out of the gate is the controversial book “The Feminine Mistake” by Leslie Bennetts.  Other titles include “25 Questions for a Jewish Mother,” “The Empty Nest,” and “Life’s a Beach.”

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